THAT'S A BOLD STATEMENT UP THERE.  You better believe it you're gonna put that on your website.

Ryan does.

We met at a bike race.  <-- Note: one reason to go to a bike race is to meet some cool people that believe in what they do.

He had his Spark Wheel Works canopy up and his hands ready to help anybody that needed assistance, regardless of what they were running.  

We got to chatting and he confidently explained what a tailored wheel was and what it could do for me.  I told him about a new set fo wheels I'd purchased from ENVE that were giving me problems.  He told me how to get them warranted.  Went out of his way to explain it even though I didn't buy the wheels from him.  

See what I did there... just cut him off and told him about my problem.

See what he did there... listened and solved my problem.

So, what is a tailored wheel?  That's where you find a guy like Ryan who will listen to you, really listen to you.  Then, after he's listened to you, he'll show you exactly the wheelset you need for your next race or ride or new bike or...  wheels tailored just for you.

After I got me wheels back from ENVE, they had a bit of a hop and so I took them to him for an expert retentioning.  

Can't wait to throw 'em back on The Marvel and shred at TMWC.

Ride with us: click for info.

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