TODAY'S RIDE WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED, AN ANYWHERE RIDE.  We met at 7am, like normal.  But we really didn't have a plan.  And that was the point, to ride anywhere the guy on front chose to go.

So often we get in the rut of "this route" or "this ride".  There's nothing wrong with a rut, unless you're on an MTB and don't know how to get out... then things can go bad, not that you'll die... but, it is true that a rut is like a coffin with the ends kicked out.

Anyway, off we went with no particular place to go.  All we really knew is we wanted to stay on the coast where it was cooler.

Turns out, when you ride anywhere you can end up everywhere.  I didn't know there were so many back alleys and underpasses to wiggle through, away from traffic.  For some it was all new, for others a chance to share secret stuff.

Sten took over through Laguna on the way back and pointed out every sweet surf spot in town.  

We should do more of this in the future... see you at 7 for...

A few hard efforts,
and whole lot of JRA*...
to anywhere.

* JRA = just riding along


168.8 (probs dehydrated)
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