THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL, not if... but what the internet is doing to our brains.

 The quote that impacted me most:  "We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us."

Therein lies the potential beauty of our two-wheeled antidote.  

I refuse to hook up my phone to my bike computer.

I do not listen to music or podcasts while riding.

My phone is on, so I may snap a quick pic.  That's it.  On, but on airplane mode.

I ride to escape, to free myself of the net.  

To hear my heart and feel my thoughts.

To smell the sky and taste life's entire analog spectrum.

To see freedom.

The bike is my tool, my counter measure to distraction and sloth.

May my mind rest and my blood flow fast, forever


When the seductive call of the net beckons... politely decline, Gotta Ride


163.8 lbs
0 pull ups/0 push ups
6 hours sleep

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