YESTERDAY I EYED A NEW TRAIL, connecting to a road I recently discovered. Figured it would lead to awesomeland... this morning I found out, and the whole time I was thinking how much I hate my friend B---.

Man I hate B---.

Diesel, do you really hate B---?

No, I detest him.


Can't stand his guts.

Why, if he's your friend?

Because he is always pushing me, showing me new ways to do things, and letting me suffer through it, laughing while I'm drowning, totally calling me out.

And that makes you hate him.

Hell yes it does.

But, he's your friend.

Yes, he's a real friend.

The first part of the trail was really, really, really steep. 

Really, if it wasn't tacky this morning I doubt I would have cleaned it. 

At the top, I oriented myself and went off to find a slew of new roads and paths... kinda like a good friend - pics below. 

Mostly, I ride alone. 

For the sanity, me thinks.

Nearly always I'm sneaking up on some runner or hiker or walker.  I used to give a polite Hi There.  But, I didn't always work.  Then I'd do my loud whistle, which usually scared the heck out of 'em. Now, I just love my little bell.

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8 hrs sleep

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