TO RACE/COMPETE/CHALLENGE OUR BEST, we've got to make time for the A-B-C's.  If we don't, we become very dull.

C events are the ones where we Check Things Out... things like:  a long breakaway, a late sprint, different foods, attacking from the start, tire pressures, not taking a single pull, etc... By stating the expectation up front, it's easy to uncouple from I gotta do my best and hitch onto I'm going to see if this works... because if it does, you can slot it your quiver.

B events are for Being Aggressive.  Take that new arrow you added on the C event and let it fly with confidence by going all in on it.  Did you learn going hard the day before actually makes you feel better on race day?  Now is the time to really commit and put into practice.  Does it really work?

A events.  Oh, the A events.  The ones we put on the calendar a year out.  The ones we've staked the season on.  The ones where we Bring It All Together tapered and fresh to unleash our might fury.  These can, and should be, magical.

The scary part is most of us have never tried to get a B or a C.

PS . 

I RAN INTO SUPERCROSS AND MTB LEGEND JOHNNY OMARA TODAY.  He was with a young kid, Jett, who he introduced as the future of Supercross and Motocross. .

I asked the kid how long he'd be in the States.

6 years.

He just go here!  He's 16. 

That's a kid/man, with a long-term plan.  Which dove-tailed perfectly with what I was already thinking about.



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