The 3 words you never want to say or hear at a bike race

The 3 words you never want to say or hear at a bike race

(photo by Danny Munson)

WHAT MOTIVATES ME MORE THAN ANYTHING WHEN IT COMES TO BIKE RACING PREP is making sure none us ever utter these 3 words on RaceDay.  Nothing is more deflating, defeating or defanging.

I forgot my __________.

The results can be...

embarrassing... I've raced in my bathing suit and tank top.

inconvenient... I've borrowed a friend's sweattystinky backup helmet.

disastrous... I even forgot my shoes once.

... heck, doesn't even have to be a race...
... might just be a road trip with the crew. 

Which is exactly why I invented the RaceDay Bag™...

  • Easy to pack
  • Easy to find our gear
  • Easy to get ridin' and racin'

Kicking boodwah on a bike starts with confidence, like knowing you've got everything you need.

But why stop there?

Want to know what it's in my bag, what I trust... depend on?

I thought it was impossible for a lotion to make any kind of a noticeable difference in race performance...

... then I podiumed at a race where I'd always sufered,

and set a PR of 8:15 at Leadville!

I'll neverever race again without PR Lotion.

Follow the application instructions... be sure to put on a lot, and really massage it in!

When you place your order use this promo code: AMPSAVE10

... I was reminded of how great this product is just yesterday on our regular legripping group ride when Justin said, 

You're riding great.

Now those are 3 words I always want to hear!


That code will expire soon.


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7 hours sleep

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