WHAT MOST DIDN'T SEE IN THE FACES OF THE RACERS TONIGHT IS WHAT LIES BENEATH THE HELMET.  Trust me on this, because I know a lot of these cats, there are amazing stores of triumph and defeat...

... these are the real spokes in our communal wheel.

We develop them over the miles we share together.  We listen, we talk, we console...

... and we help...

... because we see real acts of courage and bravery.

Here's a glimpse:  parents of a severely handicapped children, spouse relapsing with cancer, job loss, addiction battles, etc.

The questions people ask us and the answers we never give.

Why do we race?

Part of it is straight up self-medication.

Isn't that hard, to ride up a mountain like that?

Try ________, that's hard.

How do you go without cake/candy/donuts?

Look, I'm dealing with _____ I need every advantage I can get.

Yes, I was overcome with love for our people tonight.  Seeing them covered in dirt and grime and sweat...

... and still smiling and happy and congratulatory.

These cats are truly courageous and brave...

... I bet you are, too.


Tip of the hat to Rod Stewart's Forever Young for the title.


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This is dirt and grime and sweat

These are smiles, covered in dirt and grime and sweat (courtesy Crazy Mike)

Chris brings the Jarrito's every week.

Bow sent me this, talk about a climb that stings


7 hrs
10 PullUps 20 PushUps
No reading, No journaling (the race) (the morning ride)


Ride with us: