BACK IN BRIANHEAD, UT.  They used to have National level races here.  They were huge MTB events.  I DNF'd a SuperD, and DRG'd a stage race in the SS division...

... but that was B.S.

The problem with B.S. is we have only our memories and maybe a journal entry or race plate with faded, scribbled notes.  Which means sometimes claimed results and time actually really are B.S...

... not simply Before Strava.

My DNF was classic. 

The SuperD was a Lemans style start, meaning we laid our bikes down and lined up for a 50 yard dash. 

I'm not much of a runner, and in my haste to get going I soared high above my saddle before crashing down on it.  Right away, I knew something was awry in my nether region.

But, I was racing.

Not stopping.


My next blunder was crashing through babyheads (rocks the size of a baby's head) to make up positions.  Managed to puncture.  A notsoslow leak.

So... after driving 500 miles, preriding the course the day before and morning of...

... I was done racing within a mile.


Remember that soaring start?  Well, within about 2 days I had a swelling near my bits and pieces that had me quite concerned.  Soon I was at my local GP, having her take a look...

... Let's do some tests...

How about we wait a couple of days?

I don't think we should wait.

I don't think we should hurry... in fact, I suspect hurrying is what got me here.

Ok, call me if it gets worse.

Embarrassed, I scrammed while praying I'd never need to return.

I'm not sure the B.S. world is much different than the W.S. world we live in.  The tales might be a little taller, but we are still out creating memories and having a hoot.

Which is why we are here.  Checking out the trails, seeing how things have changed.  More lodging.  More trails.  Stalk me below, if you must.

It's also a great time to do some final prep as well as start acclimating for the stage race in Leadville at the end of the month.

While I was doing just that I noticed my cleat wasn't superprimo perfect.  So, I slide my jewel-like tool out of my Mini RaceDay Bag™.

Cleaned the bolt out first, then did my adjustments.

I think I've got it perfect now...

... I don't always carry tools, but when I do I want to be able to fix most anything.

Crank Brothers really does make beautiful product.

Use promo code: BSvsWS



6.5 hrs 

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