THE FIRST TIME I WAS INITIATED INTO THE HARDING TRUCK TRAIL WAS TRAUMATIC.  Four of us went - Eric, Jeff, Brad and Young Diesel.  Two summited.  Two walked...

... I got blisters.

It was supposed to be Off Season Cross Training.  The two guys that actually raced a lot, Eric and Jeff, invited us along.  Probably just for the entertainment factor.

The 9 mile climb on mountain bikes was about 8 miles further than either Brad or I had ever ridden uphill.  It became slog, a death march.

We stopped multiple times.  Checked the time.  Wondered if we'd made a wrong turn, even though there were no turns to make.

We were cursing their names for leaving us, and cursing ourselves for being so dumb to be caught on this giant mountain without a clue of what to expect.

Finally, they came ripping around a corner... huge grins on their faces... they were having a blast.

I've since rounded that same corner hundreds of times.  Sometimes just cruising, others pushing hard trying to set a PR.  Each time I've wondered why I pressed on with cycling and others like Brad quit.

Maybe some of us like to suffer more than others... or maybe we see the connection between work and joy?

Today was Rocky's first ride in years.  He's our head of design, and he just got a super sweet BMC Trail Fox. After a 40 minute ride on the local trails...

... he said, I think I might puke...

... that's a pretty dern good sign he'll be a lifer.

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163 lbs
Stretch N Hypervolt
7 hrs sleep