AFTER MONTHS OF DELIBERATION, I KNOW I WANT A VAN FOR MY BIKE RIDIN' AND WORKIN' LIFE.  The choices and experiences of my friends hasn't helped me one bit.  Each one of them has reasoned out their decision and for the most part are completely satisfied.

A mini-van

Pros are easy to park, great mileage, high quality Japanese offerings.

Con are it's a mini-van and limited space - bikes would end up outside if more than me traveling.

A full-size van

Pros are carrying everything, being able to keep bikes inside, sleep inside, carry large quantities of our products.

Cons are they are huge, quality is not going to be on par, worse gas mileage.


Go full-size, get a motorcycle for running around town.

Now if I can just get used to the idea of having a vehicle payment again, ugh!


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