AT SOME POINT I'VE GOT DECIDE IF THIS IS A BIKCATION OR A RACECATION.  Now, if I was traveling by myself I'd drive a little longer for some better food... but, I'll be dawgawned if I didn't find my two hands with a firm grip on a Big Mac at 12 Noon in the middle of the Arizona desert... 

... for the first time since snagging a podium at SLR. 18 months ago.

Then it was a matter of reward, along with the McFlurry, for pulling off something I'd failed at 4 years in a row.

Today, well, it was just going with flow.

Is it going to make a difference over 3 days of racing?  Doubtful.

But, it is just a funny thing how the more people we add to the trip the longer we take and the collectively dumber we get.

It took us about 4 hours to get out of Sprout's tonight.  We were only getting food for tomorrow.  We have enough to survive a few years.

By myself I'd be more nimble.



But, ya know what... I'd be by myself... 

Not getting turned around while preriding the course when we arrived.
Not cramming 7 of us around a 5 person table for dinner.
Not RoShamBowing for the master bedroom.
Not laughing at nonsense.

... not answering questions like this:

Are you a singer or mantra guy?


Do you sing songs when you race or have a mantra?

Songs for sure... like Kanye's Stronger...

Which I immediately cranked to 10, knowing he hates rap.

Yeah, it's a bikcation for sure... and when McD's is on the menu, and we dilly and dally for hours I just gotta remember...

That that that that don't kill me only makes me stronger.

Maybe I am a mantra guy after all?

For sure, I'm a PR Lotion guy.

Yes, over the next 3 days I'll be doing multiple applications.  Even for tomorrow's 20ish minute TT...

... 'cause let's be honest the bragging rights each night are what it's all about.

Order now, the shipping is free but the bragging rights ya gotta earn... even on a bikcation.


161 lbs
7 hours sleep