DON'T TELL MY HUSBAND I BOUGHT THIS , OKAY? The smile on her face was unerasable.  For this first time in her adult life this friend o' mine purchased a bicycle for herself.  It's a day we all remember...

... and we remember 'splaining to our family and friends.

I bought a new bike.


Yeah, it's awesome.

What kind?

A gravel bike (using today's example)

What's that?

Oh, it's like a road bike but it can go anywhere.  On pavement, but I will mainly ride it on the dirt roads and trails... more adventure, probably safer.

... so far so good, everything going according to plan ...

Let's see it... Wow!... how much was it?

... here is where our super stoked out of her mind new bike owner says ...

I got a really good deal.

... now, I'm not saying that's the wrong answer.  Lord knows I've used it plenty of times myself ...

Oh, really... how good?

Oh that new bike smell!!! 

Our friend/family/lover can smell that bike, can see bird feather hanging out of our cat mouth.

There's no going back.  Because...

Ain't nowayinhell I'm going another day of my life without the joy of carbon between my legs and wind in my face.

It might be the smell of burning cash to outsiders...

... but, it's the smell of countless heckfire good times ahead to us.

Now, whether you're heading out on a new bike or your trusty stead this time of year the weather can be challenging.

That's I developed the KOM jacket.

You've never seen, touched, worn or smelled anything like this.

It's made of a very fine, stretchy membrane fabric that we import from a special factory nestled near the Dolomites of Italy.  They're the only people in the world that produce this material which is wind and water resistant... and so light and feather you can roll it up and tuck it in your back jersey pocket.

We keep selling them as fast as we can make them, but there are a few in stock as of tonight.

It's called the KOM jacket because it's perfect for this local 12 mile MTB climb I'm trying to PR all the time.

Most mornings when we're getting after it we are plenty warm on the way up.  But, in the winter it can be very cold up there and it can get covered in clouds pretty quickly.

This jacket is perfect for whipping out at the top before bombing back down... if it's really cold, arm warmers underneath.

You can save $35 on this incredible layer when you join the PEDALposse -> 

Or you can save a few bucks with this promo code:  KOM


Stretch HyperVolt
8 hrs sleep