A WHILE BACK I WAS ON MY TO MEET THE POSSE AND I HAD TO PULL OVER AND ADJUST MY BRAKE.  I got going soon enough.  The light ahead was green and I was going to keep my speed high and make up that lost time.  Then something happened I'll never forget...

... a car traveling about 50mph blew right through the red...

... had I not stopped for that quick adjustment I'd have been in that intersection at the same time as the car.  After which... I'd be dead, or worse.

Ever since then I've never minded the little things that through me off my schedule. 
The ill-timed flat. 
The missed light.
Waiting few seconds for a friend.
Turning back for my water bottles.
It's a long list of things that can keep us off schedule.  

I wonder if Joe was thinking that when his 5 year old ran after him crying at 625 this morning making him late to meet the group? 

Because it's exactly what I was thinking when I stopped to help Jon with his 3rd and 4th flat tires.

Ya never know.

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Stretch N Roll
7 hours sleep


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