THIS RIDE HAS ONLY BEEN GOING ON SINCE THE TURN OF THE 7TH DECADE OF THE 20TH CENTURY, so you'd think all the pot holes and debris and whatnot would be memorized by now and easily pointed out...

... but that's not the case.

Unlike most rides around these parts the Market Ride goes on hiatus from time change to time change.  I reckon it's the same way with a good chunk of our united states.  

Most of ya's actually have seasons,
ergo actual riding seasons.

I'm feeling ya tonight.

In fact, I'm wondering if the first group rides of the season are going to be even more of a cluster than normal thanks to the fitness gains of digital dungeons set up for Zwifty and Pelotaunt...

... without any of the actual skills required to participate properly being used or honed or, crud!, even developed?

Because if your first ride of the season is anything like ours was tonight, well keep you peepers popped, your head on a swivel...

... and trust no one!

I was shocked at how little pointing out of hazards was happening,  There was even some downright squirreliness.  And these guys and dolls are solid riders, that ride year round.  Outdoors.  I'm sure things will be all settled in a just a few rides.

Anyway, you'll be thawing out soon... so consider this just a friendly reminder from the Diesel who wants ya back with a smile and only good tales to tell.

Speaking of good tales to tell, I warned Kevin about his new bike.

He purchased a long travel BMC 4 Stroke.  It's the same bike that I pounded out a million PRs on last weekend in AZ, except it has a little longer travel.

Kevin, be careful on your first ride.

What do you mean?

Well, your face is really going to hurt.


You'll see


Yep, new bikes always make my face hurt.  

This morning, we spent a good hour on BMC's unveiling of 2022 new products.

TBH, my face was hurting... there's a bunch of good stuff coming, guaranteed to make you smile.  Details will be coming forth.

In the meantime, if you are around 6' tall and looking for a most excellent gravel bike.  We have 2 of these bikes in size Large.

Yes, they'll make you smile... and your bummy will be happy too because there's 20mm of travel built into the rear triangle.

I'm not allowed to post the price available, so ping if you're interested.

Oh, one last thing... I was on my gravel bike for the group ride tonight, and that extra cush for my tush was most bueno.


166 lbs - just a little celebrating after Cactus Cup
Stretch and HyperVolt
8 hrs sleep