I'M RIDING THAT FINE LINE.  Prepping for the last road race of the year and looking further out to the endurance MTB races.  They are nothing in the course of life, but they aren't nothing.

They are goals that keep me motivated.  They demand me to remember I'm an athlete.  Only my best will do.

The road race, San Luis Rey, is a tough code to crack. 

The old course was much better for me because after the hideous climb was a harrowing descent which allowed me to catch back on and recover for the fast, slight downhill finish.

The new course, so far, has had my number.  I have yet to cross the line with leaders.  Each year I have cracked.  Exploded.  Detonated.  Evaporated... limping shamefully to the finish while my pals are celebrating and smiling.  This year may be the same.  

The final climb is just a tad too long, a touch too steep, a lot too fast for T.O.D.

But, TBH, this is the finest I've been in the last 4 years of attempts.  5 or 6 pounds lighter, on a bike I love.  Today's final hard ride felt just dandy.  I almost let myself dream of a fast finish... 

... but, I couldn't.  Didn't dare.  Too risky.  Might let my guard down...

So, rather than call it quits after smoking a 54 minute segment I opted for the long way home.  

Maybe too long.

But, that's the fine line.

The longer route let me settle in and ride the pace I'll be needing at Whisky 50, Marathon Nats, Tahoe 100... which will all lead up to Leadville.

Did I need to do it?

Not even.

I just wanted to.

I felt good.

Kept my effort in check and enjoyed the prettiest day of the year.

It's a fine line that over training.  But, if it feels good it's probs okay.



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