THANKS TO SOME GOOD PEOPLE, I nearly ruined my new Dominator speed suit.  It wouldn't have happened without them.

First, the really fine folks that built the new 25 Days trail, connecting Draino to the far fire road.  It's a great addition and will be supreme once we get a little rain.

Second, a huge shout out to Bobfrosty for letting me know about all the recent mountain lion sitings.  With the latest fires the lion's territories are much smaller.

Third, thanks to Surfergirl for understanding that The Old Diesel needs a quick ride at the end of a long day.

The sun was settling into a deep amber haze.  I had about 45 minutes to get spin with a few openers for tomorrow's SHoP ride.  I took HVY MTL so I could mix it up on road and dirt.

Halfway down Draino I nailed a beautiful sliding transition onto 25 days.

It was a lot darker.

And very quiet.

I was a little lost in my head, end-of-daydreaming about how much we'd accomplished and how much more we have to do.

Not paying attention to the surroundings at all.


... a flock of about 66 crows a few feet away launched through the shoots and into the sky...

The Birds!

Heart beats... SKIPPED!

2/3s of the trail lay ahead of me, and Bobfrosty's comment was loud and clear. Now I was really moving.

Off to my left something large and dark mowed through the brush.  I stormed on.

A Happy Halloween dry run!

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