IS TAPERING OUR TRAINING ART OR SCIENCE?  We've all had the big quest on the calendar, done tons and tons of training, then...

... decided it's time to taper.

Is it enough to just cut the miles?

How much should we cut?

What about intensity?

Oh, the questions we have!

Got an email this morning from Tony, who lives Downunder.  He caught Covid two weeks prior to last weekend's A race, thought his event would was wrecked.

Rested completely for a week.

Did a little training the next week.

Smashed the race, setting all kinds of PRs.

Talked to Andy this morning, he was forced off his bike for months after catching a nasty stomach bug and Xterra Worlds last October.

This week he's off to Xterra Nats and feels better than he's felt in years.

I'm not saying we need to get deathly ill or break bones to have our best days ever, but...

... maybe a little more rest would do our bodies good?


9 hrs sleep
1 Rip On RaceDay Circuit
20 minutes recovery 
90 minutes reading + Journaling