OUR LITTLE RACE CREW HAS BEEN KEEN TO CORNER BETTER ON MTBs.  Enter better, carve better, exit faster.  Playing with braking evenly between front and rear, and just going heavy on the rear brakes to whip the bike around turns...

... to no brakes at all.

A wrong turn can be corrected.  A missed turn can be catastrophic.

An unnamed rider (gotta protect the innocent) and I were quickly slicing and dicing a narrow, twisty path.  I took the sweeping left berm high, he shot inside and low to slip by me...

... no brakes for either of us...

... the trail wound sharply back to the right, my tire compressed and the nobs gripped as I leaned over...

... dust was flying up from his skidding rear tire as he went off trail, down the slope, and over the bars.

It was a soft landing.

This ain't basketball, where a miss is just a chance to shoot again.

This is what we do to get better.  We play, we take chances.

But you know what blows me away?  It's how we learn to rely so completely on our equipment.  I mean the brakes, I'm modulating them with one finger.  Those tires, they're 2" wide with 20lbs of air...

... and then there are the gloves, a very thin layer of perforated leather covered with much, much thinner lycra.

That's it:  brakes, tires, gloves.

Which is exactly why I never skimp on my equipment.  There are too many variables to assess and address when on the edge, and no bandwidth to contemplate product failure.

Of course all this was discussed over tacos and Cokes...

... because if we're not reviewing the wrong and missed turns we'll just keep making and missing them...

... and some landings are harder than others.

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166.9 (too much cake) 
Stretch and HyperVolt
7.5 hrs sleep

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