I'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN HAVING A CHEAT DAY ONCE A WEEK, but today was ridiculous.  I started off strong... thinking I'd be fine.

I saw the pink box.

Knew there were donuts inside.

Took a peek.

3 full donuts + a half chocolate oldfashioned donut.

Just a chunk of the half donut... that's it. 

I'd stop there.

I sat on the opposite side of the room reading Emerson.  Being strong.  But, the box was taunting me.  

Hours went by, really.

But, just was we were about to head out to our friends for lunch... I couldn't take it any more.  Nobody else had had a donut.  

There were in there.

All of them.

And then they weren't.

The box was empty.

My stomach full.

Me, happy.

For sure I'd be strong at lunch,.. but it wasn't really lunch.  It was insane blueberry pancakes, endless bacon and sausage, delicious fruit salad.

I had seconds.

Definitely dinner would be light.  Except all the kids were coming over and who wants to be Justservemesalad or Nodessertforme?

Not me.

Looks like another big miles week..

... and even though I'm packing plenty of foodstorage, I'll still need my minerals and such.

My go to is GQ6. 

I've been using it for years.  Originally developed for the United Health race team, it's been great for me.  1 scoop for easy rides, 2 scoops for hard road, 3 scoops for MTB... just because it's so hard to eat in an MTB race.


Comes in 3 delicious flavors:  apple, tropical and orange.  I like 'em all.

If you're looking for a drink that is loaded with goodness, this is a good one.

Use promo code:  BADCHEATER


164.2 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
8 hours sleep
Family walk.