HOW DO WE END UP ON THE SAME PATH, AT THE SAME TIME?  I entered the bike path at just the wrong time to miss Jim heading inland.  I could see him, but I wasn't going to catch him. Then I passed a man who is most likely mentally ill, only to round a corner and have my buddy Patrick - who's visiting from Vegas - yell my name.

We stopped.

Said ill man joined us.
Track bike.
Heavy metal cross hanging about his neck.
Explaining his tough decision to choose from his quiver of 20+ bikes.
Through the sweet breath of what I guessed was a rough night - or woulda been rough for me.

He was different.
I was uncomfortable.

Our paths had crossed and joined for a moment.  I doubted we were going the same direction.

But, we were on bikes.  Talking about gears.  Our divergent paths one, for a brief moment.

To my shame, my discomfort didn't wane.  It grew.  Kinda like a dinner party among strangers when the conversation turns to the weather... but, rougher.

We rode away.
Patrick and I on the same path.

Me thinking, There but for the grace of God go I.
Me wondering, should I have acted differently?  More accepting?  More loving?  More concern?  More empathy?

Later, I went to the office.
To fight my own battles.
The ones I'm comfortable with, whether I know it or not.

166.2 lbs
10 pull ups/30 push ups
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