I DELIVERED A SPEECH TODAY.  The group comprised all ages.  Some, I knew were in tremendous shape, others battling age and illness, the rest indifferent or not concerned...

... about maximum health.

Part of my text covered my PR crushing time at Leadville last summer.

There was no time to go into the details, so I want to share with you some sweet news.

  • what's happened to my vision since ditching sugar
  • why it's not enough to ditch sugar

Since I really clamped down on my sugar intake one of the many benefits has been improved vision.  This is not scientific, I haven't had my vision checked to confirm.  I can only tell you this, it's better.

Recently I read an article confirming the damage too much sugar can do to vision.  Then, found a YouTube video discussing the benefits of berries to our vision...

... which is why it's not enough to ditch sugar.

It needs to be replaced.

Anybody who has tried to quit anything knows quitting is nearly impossible, replacing is much easier and more likely to be permanent.

For example, I use to enjoy ice cream at night.  I've replaced that with Fage Greek Yogut (brand of choice), with frozen berries mixed in.  The berries freeze the yogurt.  I think it's amazing.

That afternoon snack I used to grab during the week, which was typically sugar/carb based, has been replaced with nuts.  Currently, it's mainly Macadamia nuts.  I love them chilled, in the freezer.  Their benefits are many.  Look 'em up.

Part of my prep for RaceDay Ready 2023 will be more details on what I'm actually doing with diet.  Remember, I'm not a dietician or a doctor...

... I'm just your biggest fan, sharing what is working for me.

Take it with a grain of salt.

Stay tuned for the 2023 version of RaceDay Ready, it's on the way.


157.8 (probably dehydrated)
7.5 hrs 
0 RaceDay Ready Strenght Circuits
20 minutes recovery 
60 minutes reading + Journaling