I DON'T WANT TO SCARE YOU, AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO BAIL OUT.  I just want you to know what you've gotten yourself into and how to get yourself out of it... because I'll be focused 100% on me.

We're going to do Swami's Long Saturday.  Nothing new.
We're bringing a few friends along.  Nothing new.
You, that's what's new.

Riders who have braved Long before know it's kinda like TMWC meets SHOP Ride.  The start is a beautiful site seeing cruise down the coast to meet up at Nytro where the ride originates.  From there, it will be the ugly offspring of our 2 weekly throwdowns to "the church".

Think about it... ask yourself... truthfully ponder... can I hang with the best of the best on our 2 hardest rides?... because I guarantee you will be praying for it to end well before it's over.  Maybe that's why it lets up slightly at the church?

There used to be a regroup at the church.  Not any more for regular Swami's, kind of for Long.  You probably won't make it to the re-group, but there is a short cut and with any luck you'll be there to see the discarded and aborted take it.  This will require everything you've got, just to make the short cut.

After the church we ride 8 miles of tempo over to Wollford Road.  You know how Live Oak is less than a mile?  This is 2 miles, followed by rolling terrain.  There is a stop sign where you must turn left or you'll be on your way to the reservation - literally.  Assuming you're having an amazing day and somehow made it to Wollford, you might have a chance... might... to latch onto the slowest guys which will increase your odds of getting to the store regroup before the group leaves.

If there is any doubt at all, go straight to the store.  At the store, really a liquor stop for locals, we re-water and grab a snack and take a leak.  You'll thank me later if you chose to skip Wollford, because West Lilac is up.  

West Lilac is an amazing, twisty-turny-rolly bundle of speed.  So fun if you're in the group, still fun if you're not.  This connects into the downhill portion of the San Luis Rey road race.  All fun, fun, fun.

Here's an example of why you'll get lost... we take an abandoned bridge over to the worst "paved road" I've ever ridden on that cuts through a flower farm with chickens running wild.

The next 12 miles the group steamrolls into a stiff headwind all the way back to the coast, where we finish and go to In-N-Out. 

Coming unhitched from the group at any point after the store can easily put you 20-30 minutes behind because of the wind and jagged-zigzaggedness of the route.  Don't worry, we'll still be near, but you'll miss the burgers and fries and shakes reward.

Now I told you all that to see if you'd read this.

Swami's Long is about the best group ride I've ever done.  Brutal pace.  Scenic, beautiful roads.  Shoulder rubbing with San Diego's best, and in the winter it's not uncommon to see Tour De France pros on the ride.  When you're done, no matter how far you managed to hang on you will be a better rider.  You will have discovered new powers, and uncovered unknown flaws.

You've got nothing to lose, because I've already told you you're not going to finish with the group.  Download the ride onto your GPS.  Upload the UBER or LYFT apps to your phone, which you better have in your jersey pocket.  Bring a few 20's and a credit card just in case.

One last piece of advice, do not go to the front of the pack and be that guy.

I'll see you at the back of the pack,
but not off the back,
I hope.

Ride Details: 

We are LEAVING the parking lot across from Joe's Crab Shack in Oceanside at 725 - we will not wait for you if you're late, but you could leave as late as 740 and still make it.

It's 80 miles - 20 mile warm up, and 100k of full gas - yes, it's a HUNKR.

Here's a link you'll want to know well:  Swami's Long

Two shortcuts:

-- at mile ~30.7 the ride will turn left at Country Club Dr for a newer KOM section (the pink line)--if you're in doubt stay on Harmony Grove Rd. (The dark line) - this will save you 90 seconds 

-- at mile 39.0 the ride turns right to go up Lake Wohlford Rd.  Yes, this is a two-mile hill at 6% -- also at the top of the hill [after you got dropped] the next 7.5 miles of rollers with 300' of climb are fast (24+ mph) -- if you're in doubt continue straight on Valley Center Rd for four miles.


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