ME AND THE BOYS HEADED DOWN TO SWAMI’S TODAY.  Swami’s is a terrible ride.  Fast, fast, fast.  But, there are a few added bonuses for guys like us.

First, I’m the only one of the 6 of us that’s done it enough to vaguely know the route.  So there’s the bonus of finding yourself at the front of the group as you rotate through and they go left while you go straight… yep, we had a rookie pull that move.

Second, not knowing who the players are you can get gapped out pretty quickly.  I spent the first half of the ride battling Team Openthegap.

Third, and this is the best one.  No respect.  You’ll get none from the regulars.    You have to fight and claw for every single position.  If you’re not careful you’ll be spit out the back wondering What happened?

And that’s what makes it so darn fun.

The battle.

If you manage to make it to the store, occasionally one of the regulars might actually – accidentally – say Nice riding bro.  But, to get that you’ll have to go full asthamafroometatcular.  There’s no other way… unless you’re actually fast.  You earned it… so way You too dude.

The other thing you earned was the rollercoaster back to the coast.  It twists and turns and rolls up and down for miles on end.  One of the funnest, fastest 20+ miles ever.

Sooooo… join us next time. (We post the rides in the Pedal Industries Strava Club).

My deets: https://www.strava.com/activities/1324654999

We park in Oceanside and ride to Encinitas… this is where we wait for the group.


The wall across from the store… where the regulars sit. Notice no room at the inn for the old diesel.
Checking out Andy’s new Sprinter – he did all the work himself. It’s rad.
Uh oh.


For those of you who can’t read

Did you ride your bike today?