INSERT WHATEVER YOU CELEBRATE THIS TIME OF YEAR, now imagine you're totally into the thing you're into, and your dear one has been trying to get you just the right gift for a decade or so... and pretty much given up.

Sound familiar?

Surfergirl gave up getting me just right bike gift long ago, in a decade far away.

As I result, I've been known to put a package or two under the tree for me from her.

But this year, she rolled the dice and made something really cool... that I would never do for myself. 

She hijacked my Instagram and made these cool tiles representing highlights of my year on wheels:  winning Tahoe, PRing Leadville, along with a few others.

They are really cool, and have double stick tape for hanging/placing on a wall... which I shall do at the PEDALindustries lair.

The other surprise was Collegegirl insisting on getting in the water... not a surprise like, I'm shocked, but more of a Wow, she's finally hooked and that's gonna make Mamma very happy.

I hope your celebration was a hit too.


That thing for me?... Fizik foul/cold weather booties.  

TBH, we can get away with toe warmers nearly always... but there is the occasional low 30's morning which these would be perfect for.

Gave 'em a test this morning... and Toddystoestoasty.

Even managed to get caught out in the rain... and Toddystoesdry.

They're mostly sold out at the moment, as soon as we have good stock we'll round up a sweet deal on 'em. 

We have have most things back in stock in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, if you're wanting to give the gift of PEDALindustries but not sure what to get may I suggest the gift cards?

Keen shoppers will use SAVE10 through the end of the year.


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