THERE'S NO WAY I COULD WATCH THE SUPERBOWL without chips 'n Surfergirl's guac.  And things would have been ok if I'd stopped there.  Even better if I hadn't prepped my gord with giant apple fritter to get things started.  But I Suiperbowled myself all dawgawn day... topping it off with bowls of ChicBoomPop with every KC touchdown, such was the state of my handtomoutheyesonscreen coordination.

How much did I pack on?

The better question is how quick can I pack it off?

Before I get to that... I checked in with Littlepants on her progress with the Whole30 diet.

How's that working?

I quit.

Really, why?

I read a book that dieting isn't a healthy relationship to food.

So now what?

Now I listen to my body.

No help from my college kid.

So... let me be completely honest - I'm always honest with ya, just feels extra honest to say that - the only reason I know that poundage and more is coming off is because I just looked at the calendar...

... and in 7 weeks, it's on!

... 7 weeks is all it takes.

... 7 dedicated weeks

... focused on beating my nemesis!

Now, before ya go say... But, Diesel you said PRs were better than KOMs!... 

... I hear ya, and that's true, but for me, and possibly for you, it's a lot more juicy packing my own can of whoopass to beat a guy I know I have almost no chance of beating...

... in fact, it would be a complete miracle if I was within a mile, a mountain bike mile - which is a lot longer than a gravel mile and hellalonger than a road mile - of this cat, such is his godgiventalent and monklikededication...

... so I began this morning, with decent ride on my MTB... because it's time to go all in training the position... and I followed up tonight with pull ups till failure, which I'm doing between paragraphs here... and I'll keep doing it until that deadly day when I shall spring on said unsuspectingnemesis my viciousnastyhomemade can of whoopass..

... sure I could listen to my body like a sweet college kid,
or I can look at the calendar like the ragingdiesel I plan to be...

- here ends another episode of Crazytalk with TheOldDiesel

In honor of such crazytalk, I'm gonna be wearing this tshirt all the time

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50 pull ups
7.75 hrs restless, tossnturn, atetoomuch sleep

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