A LONG RANGE ATTACK USUALLY FAILS, it's often attempted by a racer who is feeling outnumbered or outclassed. And, usually ends up with the attacker being shot out the back.  But, there is one kind of long range attack that if done correctly can reshuffle the deck in your favor.

Here's how I use it.

The last 5-10 miles of any road race are always heated. 

The last 3-5, the adrenalin pump is a pumpin'.

Earlier this year, I pulled such an attack. 

4 miles out.  

I lead into a very fast 150 degree turn and sprinted hard out of it.  There was a little gap, and I kept it at 9/10ths.  As planned, I was caught about a 1/4 mile later.  The charging train blew by me.

When rider X chided me with The race won't be won here, I knew it was mission accomplished.

I slotted in 10 guys back and kept an eye on all the players.  It was a gradual 1-2% grade with a kicker at the finish.

That tactic can backfire.  

They can leave you dangling off the front.  So, go 9/10ths.  If the gap keeps opening while you're getting closer to the finish, you can up it to all out... but it better be a helluva gap.

When that happens it's usually because they know you and think you don't have it and they let the gap get too big.  Which is a really sweet move that I saw executed at LoToJa.  I was keying of the regulars, and they figured Steinfelt didn't have it.  Wrong. He won, we lost.

It works best when nobody knows you, like if you're in town just for the race.  They'll think you're some kook making a bad move... you might be, so be careful.  Usually, they'll chase you down, heckling you... leaving you in the catbird's position, latched on to the back of their lead out trains, forgotten.

While their egos are jousting, you are patiently resting and waiting to unleash your mighty fury...

... always be the last one to lead the race.

But, don't be the last one to check out our close outs... I added a couple of new things today.  Found one of these sweet t's

Plus a few other things.


167 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
8 hours sleep

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