I FELT BAD FOR THE FATHER AND SON who pulled the plug at 6:30. Yes, it was raining.  Yes, it was windy.  Yes, it was still dark.  I almost joined them...

... those two wouldn't be the only ones to DNS, or DNF.

It's wasn't that cold, 48.

The sun was rising,
the rain stopping.

At 7:08 we were off.
Straight up.
5 miles.

I wore a base layer and my KOM Jacket over a Camelbak to start.  It seemed prudent to stay warm, and to have the jacket board should the rain return.

A note here about racing with power...

One of the benefits of racing with power is knowing exactly how hard you are working.  As usual, the bunnies hopped ahead and stayed there for a mile or two, then paid the price of taking it out too fast. 

Not me.

Rather than look at my HR to guide my effort I looked at power.

This was really helpful.

Since this was a 48 miles MTB race,
40 of it on twisty technical single track,
there was no need to chase the bunnies.

MTB racing is basically a mass start time trial.

That strategy wouldn't work on a road race where the speeds are much higher and we must do all we can to stay with the group, in the draft.

... power is a good way to throttle the effort.

For the record, this is a very proper mountain bike course.

Long climbs,
Long, challenging downhills.

We don't have that at home.  

To stand and throw the bike around corners, off jumps and over rocks on a 40 minute downhill takes a different kind of effort...

... I'd never wanted a longer travel bike more.

That's when the wasp stung me on the right corner of my mouth, on the lip.

I hit it hard.

So hard, it hurt more than the sting.

In fact, I wasn't sure I was stung until my lip and cheek started to swell up - see pic above.

While I as debating whether or not I'd been stung, two more got me right above my sock...

... those hurt.

By the time I'm nearing the aid station that part of my mouth is blowing up and completely numb.  Like I'd been given a shot of Novocain. 

  • It's difficult to close my mouth to drink
  • Even harder to chew

Hoping I don't sound like a goof..

Does anybody have any Benadryl, anything for allergies?

Sure 'nuf, the medic does.


This was supposed to be a 4.5 hour race.  

About 5 hours in, I felt sluggish.

It was the last leg and I was limping in.

Did I mention, I woke up at 3 am to the sound of what could only be a wounded bear sleeping above me?  Frustrated, at 4, I went and slept in the van.

Took me 5:51:54.
9th overall,
1st in age.

If you're looking to do some epic riding in Brian Head, these trails are all great...

... make take 3 days vs 1.

Got a few compliments on the kit, check this out... if you like it, send me an email and if you can answer the secret question I'll get you a special code.



UTAH FRIENDS - I'm coming up, here's my schedule - hit me up if you want to join us.

Saturday 19th - Brian Head Endurance Race

Tuesday 22nd - Alpine Loop from AF side at 7:30, mandatory Sundance Cookie is on me.

Wednesday 23rd - Afternoon MTB Park City

Thursday 24th - Afternoon Heber Road Group Ride

Friday 25th - openers in Park City time in the AM, some sorta dinner together in Cedar City

Saturday 26th - BWR


5 hrs
No strength work today
10 minutes recovery
30 minutes reading + Journaling