A HOMELESS MAN LAY STREWN ACROSS THE DIRT, the sun was beating down on him.  I pretended not to see him, and rode by on my expensive bike.

My friend stopped.

I could see him talking to the man and offering him something.  As they got smaller, I could only guess.

Soon, my friend had caught up.

He told me a story.

About a year ago, he was riding along.  Things were rough.  He was going through a difficult legal problem and it was eating at his soul.  He was so focused on all his own problems.  On a ride, he saw a homeless man and had the thought to ask his wife for her bagel and he turned his bike  around.

He said he just had to go back.

He talked to the man.  He asked if he was hungry?  Yes.  He gave him the bagel.  As he quickly ate, the two talked.  My friend asked if there as any family around.  No, they’re all gone.  What about friends?  None that could help him.  The man was touched that anybody would care enough to stop and to ask about his life.  My friend gave the man his “emergency $20”.

Instantly, this friend’s burdens seemed to melt away.

His legal problem was soon resolved and his business was back on track.

Can he prove there’s a connection between his good deed and his good fortune?


But, he’s given away $1000 – $20 at a time – in the last year.

Every Saturday when he rides, he counts himself lucky to find someone in need.