IF THERE'S ONE THING I THINK WE CAN ALL AGREE ON IN THIS CRAZY WORLD, it's that we ought to drink more water.  When we get up... and all day long.  But, that doesn't mean we need hydration mix every time we ride.

Lately, just to prove a point to myself... I've been rolling out for a decent ride - 90 minutes today - on an empty stomach and nothing more than a water bottle with... water.

Imagine that.



And no residue to clean upon return.

That's for a lovely, jaunt through the countryside on el gravel bike.

Side benefit... I feel this practice trains my body for the moments I miscalculate my caloric needs, or miss the refuel spot, or get to the the store after it closes.

90 minutes seems to be about my limit. 

That won't be the case tomorrow where I'll be looking to push hard.  2-3 hours on the gas.  

I'll be adding 1.5-2 scoops to each bottle of my favorite mix.

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Unless of course you part of the PEDALposse.


165.6 lbs 
Coach Loran Video 5 - shoulders and balance
7.5 hours sleep