ONE OF MY BUSINESS HEROES IS THE GREAT STEVE JOBS.  And, while I'm not Steve Jobs, and you might not be either, we have a secret super power in common...

... Oh, do tell Diesel!

Steve was famous for taking long walks when he wanted to get his point across or really get to know somebody.  Very long walks.  He would sucker them in saying Let's walk around the block... and then be gone for hours.

I am the same way... I'm guessin' you are too.

But, on bikes.

Most of my most meaningful conversations with my close friends and mentors have taken place on bike rides.  Racing for sure has been covered in great detail... and so has solving life's many riddles.

I remember early on cornering, creeping on?, every fast rider I could find.  Listening to everything they said to me or whoever they were talking to.  And, I've siddled up to many a new rider to share tips, stories and ideas.  Riding side by side is such a great way to impart and consume knowledge.

Fact is... the best conversations in my life have happened outdoors, at an easy pace: long rides, hikes, walks, ski lifts, waiting for waves, sailing etc...

... as well as some of my best product ideas.

What's your favorite Diesel Creation?

  • RaceDay Bag™
  • Superlight Race Gloves
  • Race Socks with EZ Breathe Yarns and FastMax Compression
  • Pro Jersey and Pro Bibs with Italian fabrics and a top secret chamois
  • The KOM Jacket
  • The Changing Poncho
  • ...

Well, if it's the Changing Poncho...


When you purchase the changing poncho, not only are you getting a great tool for changing in public but we are getting you 3 X the entries into the ENVE Wheel Giveaway.


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