JUST IN:  WEIGHT OF A KILOGRAM UPDATED IN 2018.  K, it's not just Just In... it happened a month or so ago and you can bore yourself here.  But, let's just consider the ramifications for us racers who cut our bike weight to the legal limit set by the UCI - if you buy an off the shelf superawesome bike it'll be lower than "legal".

I don't really care if you bike is below legal, that's for you to have sleep with each night... but, it is interesting to note the role standards play.

It's almost impossible to believe that all countries didn't have the same kilogram standard, but it was true for many years.  Or that we are adjusting it ever so slightly in the 21st Century.  It's been around since 1889.  All fine and all true.

Will that happen to the Kilometer as well?  Will a HUNKR, no longer be a the same distance?  Ever so slightly longer or shorter?

Without agreed upon standards of measurement, science, reliable science, would proceed much slower... if at all.  It would be chaos and constantly starting over.  With standards, the big-brained can collaborate and quickly build on each other's work.

As the scientists rush to refine their standards... what about ours?


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