I KNOW IT'S  BREAKING OUT HERE IN THE SOUTHWEST - as it does every year... but I'm wondering if it is in Zwiftlandia as well?

The early symptoms are presenting themselves on a frighteningly regular basis.

So much so that I instantly said No to my dear friend from Arizona who wanted to ride this morning.  I didn't want to be anywhere near him.  He had to be infected.

Alas, with a little pestering I broke my self-imposed quarantine.

It was risky.


I hoped he wouldn't be showing the tale-tale signs of the malady.

The reason so many southwestern racers fall into the grasp of DHS is that it's detrimental effects don't show up for many months.

They flirt with DHS until it's too late and the season is lost.

Which brings me back to Zwiftlandia... is it happening there too?  It must be, with all the almost real racing they do.

Are Zwifters finding themselves lured into December Hero Syndrome?  

Are they riding like maniacs in November, becoming heroes in December only to be total zeroes...

When the racing is on?

In the summer?

Lordy, I hope not.

I love it when my competition is just killing it this time of year, because I'm deadly certain who will be killing it when it counts.

Fortunately, Markell is a wise young man who enjoyed a gentlemanly pace with The Old Diesel.

The season will be here soon enough... and we'll all be popping up our canopies and looking pro.

We probably have your team art, if you'd like us to mock up a canopy for you we'd love to do it.  Just reply to this email... and remind us to give you the Pro Canopy Special pricing.

Here's the link:



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