MY FRIEND CRAZY MIKE TEXTED ME FROM BUELTON, about 200 miles up the coast.  He left yesterday, rode around the mountains up there today and plans to return tomorrow.  He rode his bike there, he'll ride it back...

... someday I'll do that.

At least that's what I keep telling myself. 

Friend after friend has been riding off and not returning for days, some for months.  Each time I learn of it, I pepper them with questions...

How do you do it?
What do you take?
Where do you stay?

... the truth is, these are bullshyte questions.

They represent the kind of thinking that keep me trapped on Someday Isle instead of living in Kickingassville.

Too harsh?

I dunno.

If the sock fits, wear it.

A lot of what I accomplish originates in Kickingassville, but the ride off and return in a few days is definitely on Someday Isle.

Speaking of socks...

... I took this shot because it demonstrates all the effort we've put into making foot protection.

These have been worn many times. 

The inside out one is fresh out of the dryer.  You can see all the different construction elements that go into FastMax compression.

The sock on the left is also fresh out of the dryer, but I've given it a few hard tugs lengthwise.  I do this because the EZBreathe Yarns contract in the dryer's heat.  

If you're into goodness for your feet, before you head out from Kickingassville, you really ought to try these out.

They come in lots of colors.

Use promo code: CRAZYMIKE

And get 2 pair for the price of one - order 2 pair and enter the promo code at check out.


165.4 lbs 
7.2 hours - 
Stand Up Paddle in the morning

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