I'M DOING AN AWESOME TRIATHLON TODAY.  Unlike my new friend Miles who's doing an actual full Ironman next weekend, my triathlon involves my son Shane's birthday. My triathlon is easy, Miles' is ridiculous: swim 2.4mi, ride 112mi, run a marathon.

I started with The SHOP (Saturday Hour of Power/Pail/Pleasure/Pickyourpoison) Ride.  This is a challenging first leg.  It's a ride of blistering pace and unending short climbs.  It didn't help that I slept terribly, dreaming of hippopotamuses attacking me and Surfgirl in the ocean.

Next, we hiked around Riley Regional park with Shane and Abbey and reminisced all the fun to be had there for teenagers... the highlight being when they snuck in at night with shovels and buried a time capsule.  As second legs go... wasn't too bad: an hour in the midday sun at 80+ degrees is a great cool down from the ride and prep for our final leg.

The final leg will be watching the Avenger's.  This could actually be the most difficult.  Matinee time + first 2 legs + massive amount of popcorn could put The Old Diesel to sleep.

Better pass the Diet Coke down this way.


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168.8 (yes, I've ditched that Intermittent Fasting Diet... before I read this, too.)


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