I PICKED UP A PAGE TURNER AT THE LOCAL USED BOOKSTORE FOR A WHOPPING $1.  How could I resist when browsing the first pages I learned the protagonist was an endurance junky?  Plus, it seemed like a helluvan easy way to escape for a few hours today.

It wasn't just an escape I was after... it was a chance to study the pacing, details and drama in this style of writing.

Where Teddy Roosevelt's autobiography is a ton of tempo miles.

This book is like a sprint workout, or a short crit.

We met up with CH at the beach.

He also had a book, by Hunter S. Thompson.  I quizzed him on it... he said it's his beach book, and just reads sections randomly.

Books aside, we got down to talking about training.  The families tuning us out.

He stunned me.

He's riding nearly twice as much as me.

It seemed impossible.

Then we broke it down, day by day.  

Basically, he just rides a little longer each time.

We compared notes on our recent groups rides.  Each of us is struggling to have some kind of pop in the legs.  Neither of us are Zwifters. 

I chalk up our sluggishness to too much Roosevelt and not enough Forsyth.

Speaking of bargains... check out our closeouts.


165.4 lbs 
8 hours sleep

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