MY SON SHOWED UP FOR A BIKE RIDE TODAY.  I was excited to get him on a gravel bike for the first time, and he was looking forward to riding something other than a mountain bike. 

He brought his gear in a funny little back pack.

We changed.

As we're talking and putting on our socks I grab my shoes.

He grabs his... ooops!

No shoes...

... and I'm thinking, how could I gear him up with everything but the bike and not include a RaceDay Bag™?

What kind of dad am I?

We had a good laugh... just like old times. 

I loaned him some running shoes and mounted up some platform pedals.  Off we went... just a dad and his boy.


I'll probably get him this new design called the Royal Racer.  And, customize it with his name.  If you want to get one with your name or your kids name, let me know... I'll do Free personalization on any bag for the first person to raise their hand via an email.

You'll also get a bunch of entries into the lottery for the Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


165.4 lbs
Stretch n Roll
7 hours sleep