THEY WERE NORDIC, HANDSOME AND LOVELY, WITH HEAVY ACCENTS.  I admired their beauty, right up until I didn't.  There was this moment when the lady ruined it all.

How you ask?  What was this repulsive sin?

Well... it was kinda like when you see someone unload a brand new, glamorous carbon rig. They mount it wearing their elegant super euro kit.  With that first pedal stroke you know... this is gonna be ugly.

Shaky on the straight lines.
Horrendous cornering.
Bowleggedness that begs for a Wide Load sign.
Arms locked straight.
... ah, it's an inexhaustible list.

Where is that person's friend?
Silent, no doubt.
Maybe aghast!

Just like I was this morning as the adorableness of said Nordic offended all in site with a bite of croissant.  Bite is not the right word... it was more a rip of a hunk, mouth open wide in the approach... staying wide, chomping a few times with a colossal gulp.

Ruined it.

Friends don't let your friends ride ugly.

Be light on the hoods.
Cut the apex on the turns.
Tuck those knees in.
Bend those arms.
... this is a good start.


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