IT'S LOOKING LIKE THE FALL OF 2021 WILL BE FILLED WITH ALL THE EPIC, ICONIC, BUCKET LIST RACES AN AMATEUR COULD EVER HOPE TO DO.  So, what's the plan kids?  Gotta pick one, maybe two, possibly three...

... but, can't do 'em all.

Me, I'm going with my gut on at least one... maybe all.

Now, the curious thing about going with the gut is it rarely lines up with the race that best matches my talents... which is what makes them so great.

The expectations are askew.

The unknown turned up to 11.

All of the sudden, I've got a whole new set of arrows needed for my quiver.  Could be figuring out lodging in a place with no lodging, food for a race with no support, tires for unknown terrain...

... but why is the gut saying go race X?

Because the gut knows things have got a bit stale and it's time to change it up.

So, right now I'm just filling in My RaceDay Calendar™ with all the possibilities...

... later I'll take out the red Sharpie and put a big red outline around the gut race(s).

You did get your calendar didn't you?

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Our calendar is HUGE!  27.5" wide X 48" tall.

It's made of fabric so you can hang it, and take it with you.

Don't you wish you'd had one of these for the last 10 seasons?... something to remind you of all the amazing things you've accomplished?

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Stretch and HyperVolt
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