AS THE INITIAL GROUP OF GUINEA PIGS GOES THROUGH THE PEDALslayer PROGRAM, I thought I'd riff on some of the things we're doing.  One is keeping track of our weight and sleep...

... what's get measured gets managed.

There are obvious and not so obvious reasons to measure these two metrics.


Tracking weight and sharing it with each other is a motivator by itself.  It's gratifying to hit our power to weight goals.

Not so obvious:

Weighing ourselves each day gives immediate feedback on our diet choices in the previous 24 hours.  There's a lot to learn there.


Well, is this obvious to you?  Sleep, proper sleep, is a super power.  Too often we discount the affects of sleep on physical performance.  Those that have fitness trackers like Whoop are keenly aware of the affect of sleep on their overall readiness to compete.

Not so obvious:

We are measuring time in bed, just the act of getting to be on time goes a long way to getting proper sleep.

If you're reading this in the morning, weigh yourself...

... in the evening, get into bed on time.

Speaking of lifestyle changes...

... modest is hottest...

... check out the vintage photo version collab with the Horton Collection.

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7.5 hrs
15 PullUps 30 PushUps
20 min Stretch and HyperVolt
20 pages/3 sentences

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