A COLD SLIDER WAS WAITING FOR ME (that's a miniature hamburger) on the lonely counter.

I'd blown it.


But, she shoulda seen it comin'... afterall, when a rider known as The Gentleman calls with tickets to the KROQ Christmas Concert on Sunday night and we go 'cause she loves concerts... and I gotta a very early start Monday... and I'm down 2 guys at work... and training a new guy... and we run a seasonal business that crescendos in December... and I sleep past my Tuesday 515am alarm and miss the morning ride... and work all day, skipping lunch... and she invites me to ride at 4pm... and I get home at 530... thinkin' I can get a quick ride in while she is out walking, 'cause I'm late... well, she shoulda seen it comin'...

There wasn't a snowball's chance I'd be home by 4pm, or dinner.

A cold slider, on the lonely counter.

I shoulda seen that comin'

What rotten husband...

... and not feeling bad about it, because I've learned if I don't take care of my health first, then I'll soon have nothing to offer her or anybody else...

... plus, I'll make it up to her, take her tree shopping tomorrow.  She likes that.  When she asks to surf this week, I'll go.  She loves that.

If she had to make it up, well, I'd like to see a new pair of cold weather gloves like these...

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