I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO FINISHING PHILTHETHRILL GAIMON'S BOOK, Pro Cycling On $10 A DAY.  He concludes with two valuable lessons.

First, keep the workouts simple.

Phil's hardest training block ever was two weeks with Tom Danielson on Mount Lemon in Tucson.  I've ridden that climb myself... think of a long, long, long very steady climb.  Day one, 3 sets of 20 minute intervals... followed by 5 hours of easy riding.  Day two, 3 sets of 45 minute intervals.  Day three, rest or long and easy.  Then start over.

Second, you've got to believe in yourself.

This was painfully drilled into Phil's selfjustifyingbrain by Jonathan Vaughters, before Vaughters signed him to ride for Garmin.  Phil had lost crucial seconds and wound up losing GC, was bummed about it.  Rather than being consoling, Vaughters wisely rubbed acid in that wound remind Phil to believe in himself.

... normally I've got a bunch of pithypontification about right now, but not today...

Keep it simple.
Believe in yourself.

Here's a simple secret you may not know -> larger water bottles are more aero than small bottles... because they fill in the gap better and reduce wind turbulence.

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