THE CREAKY DOOR AT THE GENERAL STORE.  Dusty MTB shoes clunk across wood floor. 

Grab a coke.  Air is full of smoke. 

A heavyset lady rings me up, then chats me up.

I like your uniform.

Thank you.

Where'd you ride from?

San Clemente?...

I coulda just headed on out, but I stayed.  She was nice.  The store was slow.  Kinda dark.  I don't know if she was lonely.  Either way it was good.  To just talk.  About nothing.  Local lore, closed roads, the approaching Fall, and such. 

... you be careful out there.

Yes, ma'am.

I sat on the picnic bench a bit. 

Enjoyed my Coke, just like the ad promised.

Cars sped by on the country road.  Customers came and went.  Everybody in such a hurry to get somewhere other than where they were.

Not me. 


I get a lot of comments on this kit.  Some hate it, most love it.


It's our military camo design.  Available as a kit, changing poncho or RaceDay Bag™.

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162.2 lbs
8 hours sleep


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