WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SHARE IS TROUBLING and terrible.  Walking on the beach today we noticed a surfboard floating, looking closer...

... I could see it was tied to a body.

I ran.
Turned him over
With others, dragged him to the sand.

Surfergirl called 911 and flagged the lifeguards.

A friend, who had just renewed her CPR certification, began pumping his chest.
A bystander, who is a critical nurse spelled her.
First responders arrived and took over.

We talked after the ambulance rushed away.
22 minutes had passed since the call.
It seemed like a lifetime.

I couldn't help but think of the parents and loved ones.

I couldn't stop crying and praying.

Did you see the others kneeling?

I walked back, alone, in the deep sand.
She likes to walk in the water.
Time to process.

A man called to me.

Are you okay?

Yes, why do you ask?

I saw what you did, can I pray for you?

Of course.

Surfergirl joined.

We talked a bit, he gave me a book he was reading.  The Shack.

Further down the beach, we walked over to a lifeguard in his truck.  Tears rolled down his face, and ours.

He said, I'm just praying him and his family.

Near the top of the many stairs back to the parking lot, an elderly woman weakly made her way.  I slowed...

Can I help you?

No, I'm 85.


I broke my leg, but I still walk down over there and then walk up over here.

That is wonderful, you're so strong.

Wherever you are, I hope you are well and safe and on good terms with God and man...

... none of knows our time.

(Please do not ask me to talk about this further XOXO.)