I COULD TALK ABOUT ALL THE DRAMA ON TONIGHT'S RIDE, but Josh came over... and he makes me nervous.

How tall are you? 

Like 6'3"... like 155.

Yes, the prototypical build...

... a worldclass athlete...

... and every time he comes over I've got writer's block.

Not because of bike riding skills, he has none.
Nor his surfing skills, which are on a level I only dream about.

No... he's her to see my babygirl... the one who rides bikes and motorcycles and surfs with me.

And that's messed up...

... isn't it...

... shouldn't he have to go on a bike ride with me?  up a hideous, long climb?  down a twisty, nasty, poison oak covered trail...

... on a super crappy bike?

You know I'll be hatching some sort of diabolical plan for that...

No, these Supersoft race gloves don't really help.
No, you don't need the incredible Speed bibs with the specially designed pads.
No, just drink water... this GQ6 is just 'cause I'm older.
Yeah, it might be cold you should take a hoodie, not this lightweight KOM jacket
No, this KASK helmet with all the vents isn't really good protection, you'll be better off this old skateboard helmet.

... ahhh, it's a long list of gear he won't get any time soon.

I need every advantage I can get.

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165 lbs 
stretch n roll
8.25 hours sleep