CHRISTMAS TIME... it always sneaks up on me.  Somehow the jingles and bells don't really touch me until today, the 24th.  Echos of Christmas past arrive.  Tomorrow they will be much stronger.  I'll arise and enjoy the only thing I've ever wanted...

... to be together with family.

Wherever you are, wherever you go I hope you'll be able to connect with those you hold most precious...

... and maybe you'll even wake up to some shiny bikey things.

Or, maybe you're like me and the family has long given up hope trying to find the right shiny bikey thing...

... in that case, you may want to treat yourself to a heckuva bell.

They are perfect for those times you're slaying the trail and you want a nice polite way to say I'm here and I'm coming through.

Use promo code:  SLAYBELLS


165 (I hope I get some willpower for Christmas)
Stretch HyperVolt
7.5 hrs - kids are home