DO YOU EVER WONDER HOW MANY LIVES WE'VE RUINED FOR THE BETTER?  Do you remember the day you were ruined?  I mean, a lot of people ride bikes.  They even throw down serious cash on a bike they'll never race...

... yet, they aren't ruined.

Nobody is truly ruined until their first group ride.  There is just nothing like it in any other sport, and there's no explaining it.

But, I'll try.

Take Ken.

A few years and a lotta pounds ago, he was a normal man leading a lovely life.  Somehow he wandered into our friendly support group, aka Tuesday Morning World Championships.

Innocent and pure.

Quickly, his first and only goal was to finish with the Bs.

Fast forward to this morning's epic performance.

On the front of the galloping A ride, Ken leads at the bottom of The Wall.  20 of us are strung out.  5 of us made it over the top, all behind Ken.

What the heck were you looking at Ken, watts or h.r.?


Nothing?  Your head was straight down, bobbing up from time to time.

Nothing... just the road, I really wanted to PR the climb.

Mission accomplished, and I shutter thinking of what's next on his list.

Or consider Michael.

He's a goner after just 3 group rides, check this text I got post ride.

My tactics were bad.  Rode off the front up Aliso Creek Trail and wasn't as strong up The Wall.  Plotting my revenge.

You're officially hopelessly addicted.

You're right.  I'm seriously hooked.  That I am waking up at 5:30a alone is overwhelming evidence.  I need to get these guys next week, then I'll step up and suffer through an A group beat down.

These cats could be sleeping in and having tea and crumpets at 8a. 
They'd be sharper at work the rest of the day.
Keep wearing the same size trousers.
Fit in socially when out with friends.
Plus, they'd have a few extra Benjamins to invest or lavish upon their lovers.

Speaking of ruined and hooked and smashing PRs...

You don't have to believe me...

... and if you race against me I'd prefer you don't trust a word I share.  Just ignore this...

... for the countless of you who have trusted me before and found out I actually know a thing or two about haulingass on a bike.

This is the shyte.

And, if you're into biased research... and clearly any company that puts up research that backs their claims has to be taken with a grain of Skratch.  They claim...


... Read the "science".  

Still with me, then you must be thinking...

... I wonder if this really works.

You keep wondering, Ken and Michael and I will keep smashing it.

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166.6 lbs
20 PullUps 40 PushUps
7 hrs