THERE WAS A BIT OF RIBBING WHEN THE FELLAS SAW MY BATMAN PJS.  But, I'm used to it.  We all are.  We're riding around in what many consider undies... 

... am I right?
... are they right?

As the Batman says:

It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

We're lunching now and the nervous energy is eatable... heavily seasoned with trash talk.  Yummmmmm...

I'm first to go off on the TT. 

The almighty WeatherChannel says it'll be 99. 

I haven't told the fellas that I purchased a couple of bags of peas to wear under my jersey while I warm up.  I think staying cool until the last second is going to be key.  Sneaky of me, I know.

I'm not planning to take a bottle.  It's a 20ish minute effort with a million (literally) turns and undulations.

Matt asks what I'm doing...

Writing the blog so I can get to bed early.

What happens if you don't write it?


I'll die... my life is a Twilight Zone.

Time to throw on the number plate... as y'all know, that's when the shizgetz real.  Nice, unflappable ToddyB becomes...

... The Old Diesel...

... I should be really rolling about 20 minutes into this thing.

In the meantime, I'll be selling the fellas hard on a solid 1 hour warm up... on rollers in my van with door shut so it feels cool when they get out.  I need every advantage I can get.

... oh man, I forgot how hard TTs are. 

I am pretty happy with my run. 

Caught my minute man about 15 minutes in... took longer than I'd have liked for him to pull over.  I struck my pedal on a rock on the only real climb.  So... I figure I lost about 20 seconds between the dude and the rock.  But, that's racing.  Everybody probably had something.  

I most pleased with staying well within my limits.  I should feel really good tomorrow.

As far as the race between the fellas... we are all within a minute, in order of our age.  Tomorrow's gonna be fun.

Now for some steak for me...

... and maybe some of the good stuff for you if you'll be riding in the heat any time soon.

Tomorrow, since it will be a very difficult course to eat on I'll get all my calories via my drink.  3 scoops per bottle.  

And, to combat any heat induced cramps I'll be letting the chewable saltstick chew melt under my tongue... I carry them in a special case which you'll get with your purchase.

You'll get 50% off the second item with this promo code:  HOTINHERE


? lbs
Matt's Boots
7 hours sleep