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LET'S BE REAL, sometime you really, really, really, really, really gotta pee during a race.  What's a racer to do?

My friend Kevin, perfected the stand up and pee off to the side for LoToJa... which is fine for some, certainly not for the ladies... and no matter what sex you are, impossible during a mountain bike race. 

Such was my dilemma Saturday at Leadville.

I was too scared to stop and pee because I was chasing a time goal... and well, the pressure ain't what it used to be.  Who knows how long I could be... stage fright and all?

I know we have amazing chamois' in our bibs and that peeing in the bib wouldn't be the end of the world... in fact, it could be a big relief!  

Gross, I know...

but sometimes, you gotta go!

So tell me...

Have you ever let it flow, warm and yellow?

To pee or not to pee?


167.6 lbs.
16 pull ups/48 push ups
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