san luis rey road race

BY THE WAY, I'M RACING SATURDAY.  It's a great course, just not a great finish for me anymore.

Hill?  was all she said.

I'd like to be disgusted at her quick conclusion.  But, she's right.

Pre-her, SLRRR was a great course for me.  The climb was still there, but it went higher then did a harrowing plummet back to sea level.  My Avenir computer reported 61mph. 

That's fast.  Great for me.  The skinny dudes may have left me behind but after that romping descent was followed by about 5 miles of -1% downhill.  Which means the Young Diesel was back on, rested and ready to bring home the hardware.

It's also dangerous, and someone eventually had a very bad day.

So they re-routed while I was away doing my dad/mtb years.

The new course is still awesome, still beautiful.  The crazy drop is gone and rather than a loop we race an out and back, starting and finishing on the lower slopes of the climb.  That -1% false flat is now proceeded by the +1% to get to the turnaround.  The laps are 14 miles long.

I'm going not to win, but to have a good day.
The last 2 years I've cramped on that final climb.
I just wanna hang on and finish strong.
And, that's okay.
Save the dates:  HUNKR 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10
171.6 (not where I wanted to be)