I KNEW RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING, right from the start, this was gonna be a great day.  Weather perfect, check.  Apple fritter waiting for me in the kitchen, check.  MTBs ready to rip, check.  Jeremy doing 54 1.5 mile laps for Autism Awareness...

... on a super fun loop, CHECK!

When we dig into the secret sauce of a successful charity event, there are a key ingredients but only one that really matters.

Is it the course?  Well, yeah it's good to have a course that is fun and interesting.

Is it the awards and recognition?  For sure, a lot energy gets put behind being the top fundraiser or finisher or whatev'.

Is it the after party?  Always important.

What truly matters is that the person doing the fund raising is the type of person others want to get behind.  Kind, generous, friendly...

... and heart in the right place.

I'm fortunate to see a lot of people doing rides as fundraisers, either as participants or organizers.  In every case, the most successful ones are the coolest people you'll ever meet.

Through the weekend, we'll make an additional contribution to Jeremy's effort by donating 30% on any glove and sock purchases.


Quick PullUps and PushUps
7 hrs sleep